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Sasha Yung : Used Whore
Sasha Yung is 19 years old. She came in wearing her cheerleading outfit, and she's a legit cheerleader, or at least she was until she became a whore. She got on her knees and she began taking the cocks. She thought it was easy at first and even commented on the fact. After about 10 minutes, she realized that this wasn't the case. We took off her cheerleading outfit and there was a little pot belly which I was quick to take a magic marker to, and enumerate all her problem areas. She began to whimper a bit. Then she told us that she used to be bulimic, and gave us a demonstration. Bootleg got behind her and inserted his cock into her pussy as she was making herself puke. She realized there that she was a whore. Then she began to take the cocks deep inside of her. She was moaning a lot, and every so often a deep stroke would make her yelp. She was a submissive whore and loved it. She told me that she was really into it, except for how I got inside her head. That's the best part of it all.

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