The Ballad of Tricia Oaks and the Extreme Hardcore Video that Ruined Her Illustrious Career.

This Week's Subject of Humiliation...

Tricia Oaks

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Tricia Oaks is a ditzy as Kelly Bundy after an aneurysm. It was like talking to a seal at Sea World. After a few questions, I just wanted to throw her a ball and and have her balance it on her nose or clap her hands like Corky Thatcher after he won the prize. She took a good face fucking. She is a dom by nature, but that crap don't fly here, so she did what she was told. Big Red and Bootleg took turns drilling her throat looking for light, sweet crude. About a 1/4 down the well began to erupt. After a good while of that, she got bent over and her ass was fucked nice and good. I could have putted a golf ball into it. Then her pussy got drilled too and while she was upside down, Bootleg and Big Red nutted all over her face. Then she got the trash can dumped on her.

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